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The Customer Success Playbook: Season 2 Episode 14 - Kristi Faltorusso


In Season 2, Episode 14 of the "Customer Success Playbook" podcast, Kristi Faltorusso, Chief Customer Officer at Client Success, shares her journey of developing a c community. Her candid discussion covers the initial aspirations, the stumbling blocks encountered, and the strategic pivot towards relaunching the community.

Summary of Key Points:

Initial Strategy and Challenges: Faltorusso envisioned a community exclusively for Client Success customers, aiming to foster connections and provide unique content.The initial setup was robust, with significant investments in technology and content, but lacked a dedicated owner for ongoing management, leading to the community's gradual decline.Lessons Learned and Pivot:The key takeaway from the initial failure was the critical need for dedicated community management.The relaunch focuses on more realistic engagement metrics and segmented strategies based on customer tiers, emphasizing accountability and sustained interaction.Future Plans and AI Integration:

Looking ahead, ClientSuccess plans to integrate AI to enhance community engagement and content relevancy, aiming to foster a self-sustaining ecosystem where customers contribute actively.Kristi discusses the 5 P's related to AI Proactive - Anticipating customer needs and actions before they occur. Predictive - Using data to predict outcomes and customer behaviors.Productive - Enhancing productivity for customer success teams through automation and efficient processes.Prescriptive - Providing specific recommendations and actions to customer success teams.Personalized - Tailoring experiences and interactions to individual customer profiles and preferences.

Building a specialized community can significantly enhance customer loyalty and retention, especially when tailored to the needs and behaviors of specific user segments.The detailed account of challenges and adjustments provides a roadmap for other businesses in the customer success industry, highlighting the importance of adaptability and precise goal-setting.Strategic Insights:The shift towards AI and targeted accountability suggests a move towards more personalized and proactive customer engagement strategies.Businesses can draw parallels to their community engagement strategies, considering the balance between technological integration and human oversight.

Kristi Faltorusso’s experience underscores the complexity of building a successful customer community. The insights shared not only pave the way for Client Success's future strategies but also serve as a valuable lesson for similar businesses aiming to enhance their customer engagement through community-building.You can find Kristi at

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