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Our Customer Success Starter Kit is the perfect way to kickstart your Customer Success program. Our pre-built, tested and effective templates will give your Customer Success Managers the guidance and help they need to implement best practices. Our templates are a huge time saver for anyone building a Customer Success team and infrastructure. With our kit, you can take advantage of what we have learned to design the perfect Customer Success motion for your business.


In this kit you'll get access to 10 resources:


  1. Sales to CS Handoff (Doc)
  2. Renewal Discussion Presentation (Slides)
  3. Playbook Repository featured 20+ playbooks (Sheets)
  4. Partnership Kickoff Template (Slides)
  5. Success Plan (Doc)
  6. CSM QBR (Slides)
  7. Business Review (Slides)
  8. Board Deck (Slides)
  9. Account Transition (Slides)
  10. Account Plan (Doc)

Customer Success Starter Kit

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