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She's So Suite: The Actress turned CMO of WorkRamp ft. Jack Foster

Updated: Jun 9



1. Empowering Women in Leadership

Foster shares strategies to elevate women, including mentorship and flexible working arrangements, to enable their professional growth.

2. Balancing Career and Family

Foster highlights the necessity of setting aside family time and taking breaks to manage personal and professional life effectively.

3. The Importance of Mentorship

Discussing the value of mentors for insights, idea-sharing, and relationship building, emphasizing their role in personal and professional growth.

4. Humility in Leadership

Jack stresses a human leadership style and the importance of staying humble and approachable, aiming to support and inspire future leaders.

5. Managing Team Dynamics

Foster touches on leading diverse teams, addressing challenges like age gaps, and transitioning from peer to manager dynamics.

6. Resilience in Uncertain Times

Demonstrating the importance of leading by example, embracing change, and maintaining consistency during challenging periods.

7. Personal Growth Through Discomfort

Kristi and Jack advocate embracing discomfort, being honest about limitations, and seeking help as pathways for growth and effective leadership.

8. Effective Work-Life Boundaries

Both promote setting clear boundaries and communicating them with colleagues, alongside respecting others' limits for a balanced work-life.

9. Building Successful Brands

Foster shares how strategic marketing efforts contributed to WorkRamp's growth and its prominent position in the LMS market.

10. Transitioning Career Goals

Jack's journey from aspiring actress to CMO highlights the value of diverse experiences and adaptability in shaping career paths.

Sponsored by: ClientSuccess and WednesdayWomen

Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome back to another episode of the She's So Suite podcast. Today we have a deeply insightful and inspiring conversation lined up for you. Joining us is Jack Foster, the dynamic CMO at WorkRamp.

We'll dive into her professional journey, the impact of mentorship, and the crucial role of empowering women in leadership. Jack shares how she's built and nurtured her all-female team, her approach to balancing a high-powered career with personal life, and her philosophy of human and empathetic leadership.

Kristi and Jack also reflect on the challenges and rewards of leading during tough times, the importance of setting boundaries, and the invaluable lessons of embracing discomfort and seeking help.

This episode is packed with wisdom for aspiring leaders and those looking to grow professionally while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. So, grab your headphones and get ready for an episode filled with valuable insights and practical advice!

About Jack Foster:

Jack Foster leads the Marketing function at WorkRamp, including Product Marketing, Demand Generation & Growth, Events, and Brand. Jack has spent her career building and leading B2B Marketing teams at companies like SurveyMonkey, Lever, ARCserve, and CA Technologies.


00:00 Fell in love with WorkRamp for onboarding.

05:13 Favorite role in school play was Lady Capulet.

09:40 Ambitious climb from MBA to marketing director.

11:39 Built $100 million global business, started anew.

16:42 Organically pursued MBA to accelerate career growth.

17:37 Important to work, part-time MBA in San Francisco.

21:36 Reflecting on challenges of managing diverse teams.

26:43 Adapt to change and embrace uncertainty mindset.

29:10 Learning from amazing people, leading by example.

32:39 Empowering women through networking and mentorship.

37:34 Creating boundaries and social contracts for work-life balance.

40:22 Admitting not knowing important, especially in leadership.

42:52 Experienced in demand gen, admits lack elsewhere.

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