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She's So Suite: The Pediatrician turned Chief Revenue Officer ft. Stephanie Valenti



  • Embrace New Opportunities - Seize varied roles to foster growth, enhance leadership abilities, and elevate career prospects.

  • Women in Leadership - Support and mentor women, stressing the need to evaluate personal suitability for leadership roles critically.

  • Balance Life Demands - Acknowledge work-life integration challenges in high-level positions, advocating for self-care and boundaries.

  • Importance of EQ - Discuss emotional intelligence as a crucial leadership trait, especially in navigating difficult circumstances.

  • Facing Industry Gaps - Highlight and address the disparity of women in high-revenue leadership roles within organizations.

  • Traits of Effective CEOs - Evaluate a CEO's emotional intelligence, business insight, and conflict management during executive role interviews.

  • Aligning with Leadership - Stress the significance of sharing values and visions with company leadership when considering career opportunities.

  • Commitment and Criticism - Discuss balancing intense work commitments with personal life, addressing external criticisms constructively.

  • Continuous Personal Growth - Invest in self-development through education, networking, and community engagement to enhance career and personal life.

  • Risk-Taking in Decision-Making - Advise assessing worst-outcome scenarios to better understand and manage risks in career decisions effectively.

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Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:


Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the She's So Suite podcast. Today, we are joined by Stephanie Valenti, a dynamic leader who has shattered glass ceilings in multiple C-level positions, including SVP of Growth Sales, COO, and CRO.

In this episode, our host Kristi Faltorusso delves into the candid world of leadership through Stephanie's lens, unravelling her journey from the medical field to the pinnacle of corporate success. They'll discuss the crucial roles emotional intelligence and healthy conflict play in leadership, the persistent lack of female representation in top roles, and the importance of aligning personal values with professional environments.

Additionally, Stephanie shares her personal struggles and triumphs, including her balancing act between being a young mother and climbing the corporate ladder, and the support she gained from community involvement.

Join us as we explore how taking risks, investing in personal growth, and maintaining a resilient support system have propelled Stephanie's extraordinary career in leadership. Get ready to be inspired!

About Stephanie Valenti:

Stephanie Valenti has a passion for scaling teams, building processes, and cultivating a winning culture, as evidenced by her executive roles at three record-breaking companies that achieved triple digit growth. She is also a creator and facilitator of executive level courses at Pavilion, a leader for a 2000+ member CRO group, and a start up advisor for Hatchet Ventures. Stephanie stands for people first leadership through accountability, transparency, and humility, and mentors the next generation of leaders enterprise-wide. She currently lives in Dallas with her husband and three children, and enjoys reading books in her spare time


0:00 - Preview & Intros

5:02 - Evaluating a job opportunity & leadership

10:50 - Stephanie wanted to be a pediatrician

13:22 - Being a young mom

15:35 - Choosing work over family

19:00 - Partnering with a supportive spouse

21:40 - Working in silos

28:03 - Stepping out of comfort zone

32:32 - Empowering women

36:03 - Success and sacrifice

41:18 - Learning to grow

43:40 - Considered the worst case scenario

45:50 - Closing

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