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Lifetime Value: Common Misconceptions of Customer Success

We in Customer Success spend a good deal of time talking about what it is that we do (almost anything, depending).


But there is an art to saying no, and KNOWING when to say no.


Now, we can't possibly tease the totality of that spicy meatball out in one hastily put together (but certainly not written by AI) social media post, but we can pull the curtain back just a bit on some of the things a CS leader, individual, or overall group shouldn't be doing, or thinking.  With a load of caveats, of course.


In this episode of Lifetime Value, we tackle:


🔝  What takes precedence over everything else when "doing" Customer Success.

🙊  Perhaps the most OVER-valued skill for CSM's to have.

💸  How it is Customer Success and Sales are the SAME, as well as how they're VERY different.

📈  On that note, how important is the commercial motion is to a Customer Success department's longevity overall?

🎩  When and how to spin up a CS practice to begin with.


Greg Daines gives it to us straight, and even offers that a lot of us practitioners shouldn't even be in CS, based on our ability to do one thing in particular.


David Epperly keeps it all in perspective for us.


Rachel Provan is her usual self - she tears us down only to build us back up smarter and stronger.


And Kristi Faltorusso likely alienates a healthy subset of the CS community (and has our best face yet for our episode cover, see below).

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