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Your First ... Time Hiring a Customer Success Manager

In a groundbreaking episode that's destined to go down in podcast history, we sat down with Kristi Faltorusso to unravel the complexities of "Hiring Your First Customer Success Manager". Brace yourselves for a masterclass in customer-centric recruitment that's bound to reshape your approach to building a rockstar Customer Success team! 🤝💼

Here's a sneak peek into the treasure trove of insights that this episode holds:

🌐 The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Customer Success: Kristi delves into the heart of the matter, discussing how some companies have embraced customer success while others are still unraveling its intricacies. Get ready for a rollercoaster journey through the evolving dynamics of this pivotal domain.

🔍 No One-Size-Fits-All in Customer Success: Unraveling the myth of a universal customer success formula, Kristi unveils the reality that it's a customized journey for each product, market, and customer. Brace yourselves for the unveiling of strategies that adapt to uniqueness.

🌟 The Soft Skills that Shine Bright: Kristi takes us on a guided tour of the essential soft skills that every budding Customer Success Manager should possess. Communication, intellectual curiosity, grit – she dissects the traits that differentiate the good from the exceptional.

📈 Mastering Business Acumen: Unveiling the hidden gem that's often overlooked – business acumen. Kristi paints a vivid picture of how understanding the business landscape is pivotal for any Customer Success Manager worth their salt.

💡 The Jewel-Encrusted Tips for Success: Brace yourselves for a rapid-fire succession of golden tips. Resetting expectations, networking within the Customer Success community, and cultivating a thriving personal network – Kristi reveals strategies that pave the way for career ascent.

💼 Hiring: A Two-Way Expedition: In a world where alignment is key, Kristi walks us through the symbiotic dance between a company and its potential CSMs. Learn how values, goals, and cultures intertwine in a successful hiring partnership.

🎓 The Onboarding Odyssey: Kristi lays out a roadmap for turning fresh hires into customer success dynamos. From preparation and time investment to contextual training and stakeholder connections, she unveils the recipe for seamless onboarding.

🙌 A Gratitude-Filled Conclusion: As the curtains draw close on this episode, an air of gratitude envelops the room. Kristi Faltorusso and Stijn Smet express their heartfelt appreciation, leaving us all with a sense of fulfillment.

Remember, the success of your customers starts with the success of your team. Let's dive in together!

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