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Women in Tech Series: Kristi Faltorusso Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess Shares the Importance of Balance and Boundaries

Welcome to the Women in Tech Series from the Global Tech Leaders Podcast. Today we are speaking to Kristi Faltorusso Chief Customer Officer at Client Success. She is an award-winning Customer Success Executive with experience in building, scaling, and transforming Customer Success organizations at hyper-growth B2B SaaS companies. Over the past decade, she has helped many companies redefine Customer Success resulting in increased retention, long-term revenue growth, and customer advocacy.

We kick off by asking Kristi to share her career journey and what has led her to where she is today.

  • Wanted to be an attorney.

  • Public Relations.

  • Connecting with people and stories.

  • Digital Advertising.

  • SEO.

  • Taught at Long Island University.

  • First to teach SEO in the country.

  • Customer Success.

We ask Kristi what is Customer Success and why is it so important.

  • The function of helping your customers be successful in that partnership.

  • Popping up in a ton of industries.

  • Complexity.

  • Customer Succes Management System.

  • Scale and drive efficiency.

Then we ask Kristi does a rockstar person look like in the Customer Success world.

  • Empathy.

  • Change Management.

  • Different software changes how they do it.

  • Communication.

  • Grit and tenacity.

  • Mindset.

Next, we ask Kristi how they measure impact.

  • Early stages of onboarding.

  • Different experiences and journeys.

  • Clear expectations.

  • Don't jump into onboarding.

  • Partnership kick-off discussion.

  • A lot of confirming.

  • Variant models.

Then we ask Kristi are woman better Venture Capitalists.

  • Risk-averse.

  • Bigger risks.

We ask Kristi what holds women back and where she feels we are winning with women in business and tech.

  • Family.

  • It all starts at home.

  • Balance and boundaries.

  • Better operating models.

We ask Kristi how would she design a world that works for women when they need time off to have kids.

  • If they are good hires, hire them.

  • Compensation, women don't negotiate.

  • Women holding women back.

Lastly, we ask Kristi if she has productivity hacks to share.

  • Post it.

  • Clear goals.

  • Make your bed. 

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