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SaaS Leaders Lounge Podcast: Episode 18: Role of a CCO in Driving Business Impact Featuring Kristi Faltorusso

00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage

00:42 Challenges of Meeting Customers in Person

03:18 Selling a Product Geared Towards Customer Success

04:07 Evolution of the CCO Role

04:28 Increased Influence and Impact as a CCO

05:55 Hands-On Approach and Customer Needs

07:10 North Star Metrics and Referenceable Customers

08:27 Efficiency and Effectiveness for Large and Small Customers

10:35 Fostering Collaboration and Increasing Efficiency with Client Success Portal 12:10 Driving Customer Experience at Client Success

13:27 Importance of Enablement and Content Creation

14:10 Reasons for Joining Client Success and Driving Customer Experience 19:03 Learning from Failures and Avoiding Replication

21:37 Learning Curve in the CCO Role

22:44 Driving Key Initiatives and Programs as a CCO

24:28 Creating a Podcast to Empower Women in Tech

31:13 Shifting Focus from Title and Money to Passion and Impact

36:48 The Influence of Upbringing on Work Ethic

43:32 Quick fire and Guest to Guest question

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