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How to Narrow the Gender Pay Gap During Hiring Process

Today I'm talking to the one and only - Kristi Faltorusso. She has been an absolute star in 2020. Kristi is a Vice President of Customer Success at IntelliShift, Customer Success Coach, and she won some prestigious awards in 2020, such as Top 25 Customer Success Influencer and Gainsight GameChanger Product VIP Award.

Kristi has been involved in hundreds of different podcast episodes this year, round tables, webinars, conferences... and the list goes on. She is a very valuable and active member of global CS community, always making the time to connect with peers, mentor, and talk about the industry. may be wondering how she does it all? I'm with you on that one! She is sharing some tips on prioritising your time and making sure you spend time on what is important to you.

What are we talking about?- Hiring in Customer Success - how to advocate for women during hiring process- Compensations and the gender pay gap- How to find out your market value- Stats on men vs women hiring for leadership roles- Tips for succeeding in your career.

Connect with Kristi on LinkedIn -

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