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How to Build Your Personal Brand with Kristi Faltorusso

In this episode of the B2B Leadership podcast, best-selling author and leadership coach Nils Vinje speaks with Kristi Faltorusso, VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess.

Podcast highlights:

0:27 - Kristi's background - Kristi explains her role at ClientSuccess.

2:04 - A trip back in time - How did Kristi get into her first leadership position?

6:52 - Proactive problem solving - Kristi learned a key piece of advice at the ripe old age of 24.

9:08 - First leadership position - How did Kristi navigate to the point where she was leading a team of 15 people?

14:04 - The customer success world - Did Kristi enter the customer success world in a leadership position or as an individual contributor?

17:24 - Defining your brand - What are some of the most important elements of doing this from a leadership perspective?

19:23 - Navigating gray area - How was Kristi able to develop and implement a vision for her brand?

27:15 - Stories that stick - How do you go about telling your story with authenticity?

28:35 - Small tasks, big impact - How do you remain authentic when the work you're doing isn't significant?

30:29 - The art of storytelling - How does the storytelling element come into the picture when you're developing content?

34:50 - Social media overwhelm - What advice would Kristi give the listeners about sharing their voice?

38:27 - B2B Leaders Academy early adopter - What is it about Nil's program that gave Kristi the confidence to share the resources with her team?

42:37 - Kristi's advice to herself - What advice would Kristi give her younger self?

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