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Episode Fifteen: The One with Kristi Faltorusso

Another natural, authentic and insightful conversation on this week's podcast episode.

Our host, Kellie Lucas, chats with Kristi Faltorusso about empowered accountability, servant leadership, working in trusted partnerships with mutual respect alongside our people as well as our customers.

They talk about the power and importance of our words and actions, as leaders, as every experience provides the basis for learned behaviour, for someone out there, even if you don't realise they are taking notice.

They talk about being in the people business, doing good work for real people.

As Kristi says: Being in the people business is how you drive a business.

We couldn't agree more Kristi!

The best thing about this epsiode? They had plenty of laughs and shared words of affirmation sprinkled in amongst the wisdom...

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