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Employee Success us Customer Success, with Kristi Faltorusso

In this episode of CSM secrets, we speak with Krisi Faltorusso who is the Vice president of customer success at ClientSuccess and is also the in the Top 25 customer success influencer, two years straight in a row for 2021 & 2022!

Brand Kristi stands for Unconditional Giving, which does not surprise me given her stellar track record in a career spanning a decade in scaling & growing Customer Success.

The five key takeaways from this episode were:

1) The big shift in Customer success from performing internal activities to the external focus and delivering business values that have long term impact

2) No matter how you structure a Customer success organization, everything will boil down to an organization's capabilities to orchestrate its key objectives around that structure (such as only retention OR account mgmt + retention OR retention + upsells + cross-sells etc etc)

3) Why it is important to learn/listen to your customers and then create CS roles rather than starting out with too many roles in a customer success organization. Listen and evolve rather than assume.

4) A good CSM strategy comprises of nailing down customer pain points, the business value t a company offers and process optimization

5) AI/ML will transform the way we utilize data and will driver insightful decisions.

And we had our fun round where I asked her so many fun questions and she answered them all pretty undaunted!

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