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She's So Suite: The Dancer turned Chief Customer Officer of Infor



  • Embrace Help - Acknowledge that seeking help is a strength, not a weakness, and propelling each other is essential.

  • Perspective Matters - Focus on the opportunities each challenge presents, rather than dwelling on the negative aspects.

  • Celebrate Success - Take pride in achievements like building successful teams that impact both customers and individual growth.

  • Innovate Continuously - Stay excited about the untapped potential and innovate within the customer experience landscape.

  • Progress Over Hierarchy - Foster a team dynamic that values contributions over ranks, emphasizing progress and effectiveness.

  • Work-life Integration - Intentionally insert break times and make personal well-being a priority amidst a busy schedule.

  • Hire Potential - Look beyond past experience and recruit individuals with the potential and diverse perspectives.

  • Team Bonding - Invest in personal interactions, even remotely, to maintain team culture and connectivity.

  • Women's Leadership - Acknowledge the growth of women in leadership roles and remain optimistic about their future in tech.

  • Future-Forward - Maintain an optimistic outlook, eagerly anticipating upcoming professional opportunities and experiences.

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Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome back to the She's So Suite podcast! In today’s episode we're thrilled to have a very special guest, Mari Cross, the Chief Customer Officer at Infor. Join us as Kristi Faltorusso and Mari delve into the vital importance of reaching out for help and tapping into available resources throughout one's professional journey.

Mari shares her infectious passion for her role as a CCO and explores the uncharted potential within the realm of customer experience. Kristi and Mari also tackle the hot topic of the changing landscape of women in tech leadership, discussing the strides that have been made and the promising road that lies ahead.

We’ll hear Mari’s personal battles with imposter syndrome, how she conquered it through strategic, milestone-based approaches, and why embracing new challenges is crucial to discover our true capabilities. She'll divulge her secrets to building successful teams that not only achieve great results but also create environments where individuals flourish.

Join us as we navigate through Mari's fascinating journey from her origins in Russia to leading a massive global team, and discover how she maintains balance in her life, advocates for mentorship, and continues to inspire as a leader in customer success.

Get ready to be empowered by Mari's story, her wisdom, and her clear vision for the future of women in executive roles. This is one episode you won’t want to miss, right here on She's So Suite podcast. Go listen!

About Mari Cross:

Mari Cross brings a wealth of knowledge in the enterprise software industry and broad experience in customer-facing leadership roles. Mari currently serves as the Chief Customer Officer at Infor across Customer Success, Support, Strategy and Operations. Throughout her career, Mari has created collaborative, high-performing teams, innovated success approaches rooted in technology, data and a customer-first lens, and scaled enterprise customer success teams that deliver meaningful and measurable customer outcomes. Prior to Infor,, Mari held Customer Success and Support leadership roles at Confluent, Adobe, Livefyre, and Nielsen.

Mari lives in Piedmont, California, with her husband, two sons, and a pocket pit-bull rescue. Her alma maters include a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Stanford University. If Mari is not doing something fun with her family and friends, ideally while traveling, she can be found fueling her creativity through her inner chef. Originally from Russia and after a long stint on the US east coast, she is now a self-proclaimed Californian.


00:00 Unexpected job situation forces reflection on self-reliance.

06:12 Dad became doctor, I became engineer.

06:42 Transitioned to business, found passion in customer success.

12:54 Uncertain career path, considering business degree.

16:50 Personal challenges with speaking speed and impact.

18:25 Give chances, but not afraid to leave.

22:12 Emphasize potential, team fit, and avoiding ego.

26:58 Active in formal organizations, enjoys coaching and mentoring.

29:50 Balancing work and personal life as professional.

34:04 Seek alternate perspectives to overcome challenges positively.

36:56 Passionate about innovating, focusing on customer experience.

39:48 Excited about women's leadership and future progress.

41:59 Support Wednesday Women: Women in leadership showcased.

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