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She's So Suite: The Athlete turned Chief Executive Officer at Joor



  • Building a Trusted Team: The significance of developing a senior team that can manage key business areas autonomously. Strategies for delegating responsibilities to ensure business operations run efficiently.

  • Support Networks for Success: The importance of having both internal and external support systems, particularly in the absence of nearby family. Ways to build and maintain a robust professional and personal support network.

  • Work-Life Balance: Prioritizing family while juggling the demands of a career. Finding the right balance and effectively scheduling to maintain focus both at work and home.

  • Personal Growth and Self-Care: Investing in personal hobbies such as running and artistic activities for mental wellness. Continuing education through mentorship, reading, and attending events to keep up with industry trends, including AI.

  • Diversity in the Workplace: Adapting leadership styles to meet the needs of different generations in the workforce. Understanding the challenges and strengths of managing a diverse team.

  • Career Highlights: Creating custom wedding web pages that revolutionized the industry. Turning a struggling company into a global success story.

  • Empowerment and Mentorship: Kristin Savilia's efforts in empowering women and mentoring female CEOs in tech. The vital role of supporting and guiding others in their careers.

  • Professional Achievements: The substantial growth of Joor under Kristin Savilia's leadership. Achieving $17 billion in wholesale GMV and the expansion to 12 global offices and 150 employees.

  • Leadership Evolution: The journey from various roles to CEO of Joor, and the application of prior industry knowledge. Reflecting on past leadership styles and the balance between team protection and company interests.

  • Future Aspirations: Aiming for board positions to continue supporting female CEOs. Defining personal fulfillment and success independently of external pressures.

  • Navigating Gender Dynamics in Leadership: The struggles and accomplishments of stepping into a male-dominated CEO role. The importance of building relationships and effective communication with the board.

  • Team Building and Development: Pride in leading a team to create innovative wedding web pages. Emphasizing the value of team-oriented sports experiences and their lessons for leadership.

  • Career Path and Decision-Making: Transitioning from different industries and roles, including sales and executive positions. Making pivotal career decisions based on family needs and the shift from corporate to startup environments.

  • Promotion and Career Advancement: The societal pressure on women to continuously pursue promotions. Encouraging women to make career choices that align with their values and family commitments.

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Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome back to She's So Suite, the podcast dedicated to inspiring stories and powerhouse strategies from women at the top of their game. I'm your host, Kristi Faltorusso, and today's episode, is set to be an unmissable one. We're joined by the remarkable Kristin Savilia, CEO of Joor—the revolutionary global wholesale management platform.

Kristin's captivating journey reveals the importance of building a trusted senior team, the continuous investment in personal growth, and the art of balancing a demanding career with family life. Today, she shares her profound insights into nurturing a support network, empowering women in tech, and mentoring upcoming female CEOs.

From her early career aspirations influenced by Title IX to helming a global company that's transforming an entire industry, Kristin's story is one of adaptation, resilience, and personal fulfillment. Her strategic prioritization and scheduling are lessons we can all apply, as is her dedication to continuously learning and embracing challenges—whether it's adapting to new fields like AI or finding balance in a male-dominated leadership role.

In this episode, we'll hear Kristin's proud achievements, reflect on her transformative experience with soccer, and commend her proactive approach to leadership. Whether it's discussing her time turning around a local sales team with zero experience or her bold leap into a CEO role within the tech field, her narrative is sure to inspire.

Join us as we delve into the life lessons and career advancements that have shaped Kristin Savilia into the leader she is today, and glean advice that could shape your own path to personal and professional triumph.

About Kristin Savilia:

Kristin Savilia is CEO of JOOR, the world’s leading wholesale management ecosystem, processing nearly $20 billion in transaction volume annually. More than 14,000 brands and 625,000 curated fashion buyers across 150 countries leverage the platform to connect, collaborate and conduct business worldwide.

Kristin is a retail and ecommerce industry leader with a wealth of experience in building online platforms to support marketplace transactions. Prior to JOOR, Kristin was President of the Local Marketplace at XO Group Inc., parent company to The Knot, and has also held buyer and director positions at Macy's and Linens N' Things.


00:00 Joor digitizes wholesale buying and selling process.

03:43 Global company with 12 offices, top clients.

09:52 Unexpected journey from athlete to luxury retail executive.

12:03 Management Programs that taught diverse roles, led to management.

14:07 Striving for promotions versus work-life balance.

19:39 Pioneering female CEO overcomes pressure for perfection.

21:08 Building relationships, timing and transparency are important.

25:43 Success in wedding industry through wedding websites.

29:10 Supporting others in tech leadership, especially women.

33:05 Balancing family and prioritizing attention to children.

35:09 Baking and crafting bring me joy and accomplishment.

37:42 Constant learning through groups, mentors, books, events.

41:55 Passionate about helping female CEOs on boards.

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