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She's So Suite: The Veterinarian turned Chief Product Officer of User Testing

Updated: Apr 3



  • Diversity Advocacy: Intentionally create diverse teams to bring in different perspectives in male-dominated fields.

  • Mentorship Value: Finding supportive mentors and leaders can significantly influence career growth.

  • Embrace Opportunities: Don't shy away from challenges; instead, seize opportunities even when underprepared.

  • Work Mission Fit: Look for organizations with a mission that resonates on a personal level for job fulfillment.

  • Path navigation: Evaluate leadership and company values to ensure alignment with personal career goals.

  • Leadership Impact: True leadership is reflected in the positive influence on colleagues and fostering their growth.

  • Empower Others: Sponsor and encourage diversity-focused groups to support underrepresented communities in the industry.

  • Prioritize Wellbeing: Balance professional demands with personal care, prioritizing health and wellness.

  • Creative Balance: Adjust life priorities at different stages for a sustainable work-life harmony.

  • Self-Advocacy: Women should focus on advocating for their needs and seeking appropriate support systems.

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Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome back to the She's So Suite podcast! I’m your host, Kristi Faltorusso, and in today’s episode we’re thrilled to have the remarkable Michelle Engle joining us. Michelle has carved out a place for herself in the male-dominated field of product engineering and now stands as a beacon for women striving to climb the ranks in technology.

In this episode, Michelle reflects on the pivotal moments of her career, from feeling undervalued 15 years ago to her proudest achievements, including the success of a startup that made the leap to going public. She gives us an honest account of the challenges she faced and how the right mentors and leaders have been integral to her journey.

We delve into her role as Chief Product Officer at User Testing, the transitions after an acquisition, and how she chooses to see change as an opportunity to create something extraordinary. From her unexpected shift from aspiring veterinarian to tech leader to embracing Sheryl Sandberg's career advice, Michelle’s story is a masterclass in adaptability and seizing opportunities.

Michelle and I also tackle the critical topics of advocating for gender diversity, setting work-life balance, and the importance of aligning with organizations that respect and share your values. She shares her personal criteria for evaluating job opportunities and how fostering a supportive environment and balance is crucial at every stage in life.

So, get ready for an inspiring journey that celebrates self-advocacy, leadership, and the vibrant tapestry that women leaders bring to the corporate world. Don't forget to rate, follow, and connect with us for more empowering stories.

About Michelle Engle:

Michelle is a seasoned veteran of the startup and technology space with more than 20 years of experience building products and go-to-market strategy at JP Morgan, iContact, ChannelAdvisor and MaxPoint (acquired by Vericast). She holds a BA in Economics and International Relations with a minor in Japanese from Bucknell University and an MA in Economics from New York University. Michelle’s team at UserTesting spans product management, design, and UX research.


0:00 - Preview

1:50 - Meet Michelle

4:03 - Michelle's first day as CPO at UserTesting

7:40 - Michelle love for animals & her career aspirations

12:45 - Navigating the tech world without a formal education in technology

18:00 - Finding the right leader

20:00 - Identifying whether you will fit into the culture of an organization

25:20 - Don't let your career stagnate. Find the next opportunity for career growth

29:15 - Adding value to other's careers

34:35 - Actively hiring talented women

40:15 - Prioritizing work & prioritizing life

43:30 - Michelle's plans for the future

46:09 - Wrapping up

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