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She's So Suite: The Writer turned CPO of Viator ft. Kristin Dorsett



1. Building Teams & Careers

- Kristin Dorsett takes pride in building businesses and helping people develop their careers, leading many to VP and C-level positions.

2. Female Leadership

- The impact of female-centric executive teams fostering a supportive and flexible work culture that benefits women in the workplace.

3. Increasing Female Pipeline

- Strategies to boost the pipeline of female candidates, especially in underrepresented fields like engineering.

4. Balancing Work & Life

- The challenges and intentional time management required to balance personal and professional life, especially as a parent.

5. Navigating Career Pivots

- Kristin's journey through various roles and industries, emphasizing the importance of problem-solving over titles.

6. Remote Team Management

- Adapting to and thriving in virtual collaboration with a global team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

7. Customer Centricity

- The importance of staying customer-focused and solving real problems to drive sustainable business growth.

8. Authenticity in Leadership

- Leading with transparency and authenticity, especially during challenging times like layoffs or remote work transitions.

9. Embracing Imposter Syndrome

- Understanding that feeling like an imposter is common and manageable, even among top executives.

10. Cultural Fit

- The significance of finding a company culture that aligns with personal values and rejecting those that do not.

Sponsored by: ClientSuccess and WednesdayWomen

Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome to another exciting episode of the She's So Suite podcast. Today, host Kristi Faltorusso sits down with Kristin Dorsett, the accomplished Chief Product Officer at Viator.

Kristin is a dynamic leader passionate about building businesses and helping her team members grow, many of whom have ascended to VP and C-suite roles in other companies.

In this episode, Kristin shares her journey from her early days in public relations and marketing to her pivotal role in product management. She discusses the importance of women in leadership, the need to increase the pipeline of female candidates, particularly in engineering, and the challenges of balancing personal and professional life. Kristin also offers invaluable advice on finding the right culture fit and prioritizing impactful tasks.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation packed with insights on leadership, resilience, and the evolving landscape for women in tech. Don't miss out on Kristin's journey and her wisdom on navigating the complex world of business and leadership!

About Kristin Dorsett:

Kristin Dorsett is the Chief Product Officer of Viator, where she leads product management, design, and data for Viator’s travelers, operators, and partners. During her tenure, Kristin has helped drive explosive growth in both the quality and quantity of Viator’s inventory, leading the brand to become the world’s largest online marketplace for tours, activities, and attractions, with over 300,000 experiences in more than 1,500 destinations globally.

Before this, Kristin held several positions at leading technology companies such as Bookbub and HomeAway, where she played pivotal roles in launching successful products that disrupted their industries and captivated users worldwide.

Kristin holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge, and outside of her work, she lives on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, with her husband, daughter, and energetic Australian Shepherd.


00:00 Chief product officer at Viator, a marketplace.

05:06 Managed sales teams struggled with selling product.

09:03 MBA and Cambridge experience clarified career goals.

10:16 Viator faced hairy problems, needed software solution.

13:55 Desire for CEO role, learning product skills.

19:30 Importance of culture fit for career success

21:00 Customer-centricity, solve real problems, take calculated risks.

25:52 Balance, transparency, authenticity in remote work transition.

26:40 Conversation settings impact articulation of successes and obstacles.

32:35 Focusing on skills and opportunities for success.

36:16 Importance of discussing career ambition and challenges.

37:25 Struggle with feeling alone, but it's normal.

41:47 Women, early in careers, benefit from participation.

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