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She's So Suite: The Hot Dog Vendor turned Co-Founder and COO of ChampionHQ

Updated: Mar 7



  • Gianna’s love for hotdogs

  • Importance of standing out in a competitive job market

  • Overcoming challenges faced by women in leadership roles

  • Aligning with empathy and fostering a positive team environment

  •  Work-Life Balance

  • Sexism and unconscious biases at workplace

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Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Kristi Faltorusso, sits down with Gianna Scorsone, COO and co-founder of Champion HQ. Gianna's career is a testament to resilience, innovation, and dedication, from overcoming initial job rejections to charting her path in the competitive tech industry. Prepare to be inspired as Gianna shares her experiences, insights into leadership, navigating challenges, and her unique childhood dream that still holds a special place in her heart.

About Gianna Scorsone:

Gianna has been a strategic GTM leader, scaling organizations in the SAAS and tech industry for two decades. Her expertise has been instrumental in improving the processes and cross-departmental efficiencies to drive organizations forward. She is most passionate when a part of a community helping to empower and mentor others to reach their best. Gianna's impressive results and visionary leadership were recognized when she was named 2017 Female Executive of the Year by the prestigious Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Gianna serves on the Strategic Advisory Council for The Northfield Mount Hermon School and serves on the board for Read718. Her own experience working with tutors to overcome her learning challenges during her adolescence sparked her commitment to creating that same accessibility to others, and has shaped her to be a more creative and mindful leader.


0:00 - Preview & Intro

2:47 - Meet Gianna Scorsone

4:22 - What’s ChampionHQ?

7:45 - Gianna wanted to be a rich hot dog vendor

12:12 - Learning on the job

17:43 - The grit to bag a job at Bluewolf

22:10 - The only 2 questions that need to be answered in a interview

24:18 - Reinventing yourself and staying relevant

25:33 - Identifying your leadership style

32:28 - Everyone needs to collectively build the culture

38:28 - Empowering and uplifting each other

43:00 - Hustle culture & Work-life balance

50:15 - Trust yourself

52:13 - Win-Learn change

55:40 - Future for women in tech

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