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She's So Suite: The Rockstar Turned Co-Founder of CMP Research ft. Nicole Kyle



  • Embracing Diversity: Nicole Kyle discusses the early challenges of being the only woman in a male-dominated corporate environment.

  • Speaking Up: Nicole shares how her different communication style made it difficult for her to speak up in meetings dominated by men.

  • CMP Research Overview: Introduction to Nicole's role as Managing Director at CMP Research and the organization's mission and impact.

  • Gender Dynamics: The challenges and dynamics faced by women in predominantly male corporate settings.

  • Building Confidence: Nicole reflects on overcoming obstacles by building confidence and seeking mentorship.

  • The Importance of Mentorship: Emphasizing proactive mentorship and the role of friends as mentors.

  • Research Milestones: Celebrating the achievement of publishing influential research and its impact on employee experience.

  • Professional Networking: Both speakers underscore the value of LinkedIn for networking and growth.

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Nicole shares strategies for overcoming fear and imposter syndrome in professional settings.

  • Balancing Work and Life: Discussion on balancing professional responsibilities and personal life, setting priorities, and self-care.

This episode brought to you by CCW and CMP Research.

Produced by: Manali Bhat

Listen to the She's So Suite Podcast:

Podcast Episode Overview:

Welcome back to the She's So Suite podcast! I'm your host, Kristi Faltorusso, and today, we have a truly inspiring episode lined up for you. Joining us is the remarkable Nicole Kyle, managing director and co-founder of CMP Research. Nicole brings a wealth of experience from her diverse background in future of work research at leading companies like Corporate Executive Board and Gartner.

In this episode, Nicole opens up about her journey from aspiring rock star and actress to becoming a leading voice in the tech industry. We delve into her incredible accomplishments, including publishing groundbreaking research that transformed employee experiences for frontline customer service reps, and being quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

Nicole candidly discusses the challenges faced by women in male-dominated industries, the pressure of being one of the few female voices on a conference panel, and how she overcame communication hurdles early in her career. She shares her personal reflections on feeling alone in a room full of men and the proactive steps she took to make her voice heard.

We also explore the importance of financial planning, mentoring, and finding balance between personal and professional life. Nicole offers valuable advice on overcoming imposter syndrome, taking risks, and celebrating career success.

This episode is packed with insights, advice, and inspiration for anyone navigating their professional journey. So, grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired by Nicole Kyle’s remarkable story!

About Nicole Kyle:

Nicole Kyle is a future of work researcher and managing director and co-found of CMP Research, the research and advisory arm of Customer Management Practice that helps customer contact and CX leaders navigate the future of work.

Nicole spent eight years at CEB/Gartner as an analyst where she led future of workplace research and advised F500 and FTSE100 executives on flexible working and hybrid work design. Nicole’s studies and commentary on the future of work have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CFO Magazine, and more.

In addition to her corporate endeavors, Nicole writes on gender equity and the gender wealth gap. She is a LinkedIn Top Voice for Gender Equity and a Public Voices Fellow on Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls with The OpEd Project and Equality Now.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University, where she double-majored in English and Public Policy studies and minored in Economics. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and is an avid tennis player and fan.


00:00 Only woman in team, struggled to communicate.

04:38 Excited to dig into childhood career aspirations.

09:29 Personal life impacts career, acquired expertise, leadership.

12:13 Focusing on personal why and overcoming challenges.

16:07 Feeling isolated in male-dominated work environments.

20:35 Embrace and tackle workplace challenges, celebrate success.

24:10 Expanded team, recognized for gender equity work.

26:17 LinkedIn connected me to a global network.

28:06 Female leader emphasizes frank advice, proactive mentorship.

33:51 Entrepreneur emphasizes self-care and benefits of flexibility.

37:52 Early career stress can hinder long-term perspective.

39:19 "Take more risk when young, advocate for yourself."

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