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Take Credit for Your Impact or Someone Else Will

I know you're doing great work ... Does everyone in your company know?

One of the biggest misses I see from professionals, especially those looking to move up, is that they assume people see everything they do each day to drive impact. Well I am here to tell you, they don't. No one really knows how hard you had to work to onboard that challenging customer, or how many calls and proposals you prepared to close that big upsell, or how you had to prepare to have a tough conversation with a customer struggling with your product. It's impossible for anyone to see everything. So this is where you come in!

You need to own your success and impact and be loud and proud about it. Stop worrying if you'll seem boastful ... Leaders in your business want to know about the impact you're having so TELL THEM!

I love my team for so many reasons, but one of my favorite things they do is the TELL ME or SHOW ME when they've done something that's had an impact on their customers or our business. This allows me to celebrate them, tell others in the business and keep a record for when we have reviews, 1:1's or something to consider when there are promotional opportunities. Help your manager, help you! Don't leave people wondering what you do all day.

So here is what I want you to do:

1) Next time you do something that has had meaningful impact on your customer or the business open up a Slack (or Teams) and tell someone, preferably your manager. Provide the details so they have the context and can really acknowledge the work you've done.

2) Keep a folder or a doc with all of these "wins". Capture the details and the stories as well as business metrics so you have everything ready for when you need it. Trust me, you'll need it.

3) Use all of your saved stories in your next performance review. Make sure that you've armed your manager with all of these "wins" so they can accurately capture your performance and review you appropriately.

4) Go back and read these "wins" when you've had a bad day - Maybe you had a large customer churn or something you did didn't go as planned, at this point you will likely need a reminder that you are not defined by this latest "loss" but rather by the cumulation of all of the work you've done.

You are awesome and it's time everyone around you knows it - So don't be shy, go and tell your story! Remember everyone around you wants to celebrate you, so give them a reason.

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