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Does Your Customer Trust You? Maybe not if they aren't seeking your advice.

If your customers aren't seeking your advice and recommendations, it's a clear sign that they might not perceive you as an expert. Throughout my career as a Customer Success Manager (CSM), the most meaningful conversations I've had rarely centered around the product. Instead, they often kicked off with questions like "What are your thoughts on X, Y, Z?"

I dedicated a significant portion of my time to becoming a trusted and relied-upon expert in the eyes of my customers. Transforming into the go-to person for advice and ideas became my superpower.

To secure the role of a Trusted Advisor for your customers, simply having knowledge about your product isn't sufficient. You must delve deeper, understanding their industry, roles, and the breadth of their work. Whether you're a CSM or a leader aiming to enhance value and relationships, here are a few actionable steps:

  1. Get to Know Them Personally: Read their website, follow them on LinkedIn, subscribe to their newsletter, and engage with their webinars or podcasts.

  2. Immerse Yourself in the Industry: Join relevant communities, attend events, follow thought leaders, and read industry-related books to gain a comprehensive understanding.

  3. Comprehend Your Product's Business Impact: It's not just about knowing what your product does; understand why it matters. Know the critical aspects and the repercussions if your customer doesn't take certain actions.

  4. Speak Their Language: While it might feel like learning a new language for some industries, speaking their language is crucial for fostering open and meaningful conversations. It shows that you comprehend their world.

  5. Provide Insights: Move beyond sharing product updates. Demonstrate your awareness of their industry by sharing relevant articles, asking intelligent questions about the implications of what you've learned, and come prepared for engaging discussions.

Now, I understand you might be thinking, "When am I supposed to do all of this?" I'm no magician, and creating extra hours in the day isn't within my powers either. However, consider starting with a targeted list of customers where adding this additional value can be advantageous for both your customer and your business. It's about quality over quantity.

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