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CSM Mastermind: The Love-Hate Relationship with Sales

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In this CSM Mastermind, host Andrew Marks and three Customer Success professionals--Amanda O'Brien, Kristi Faltorusso, and Nicholas Gigliotti--share advice and tips for collaborating well with Sales.

During the live event, the panelists discussed:

Effective communication tools or practices for staying aligned with the Sales team

How to ensure a smooth transition for customers from the Sales process to the Customer Success onboarding and engagement phase

Common misconceptions or challenges encountered when working alongside Sales, and how to address them

How to utilize customer feedback and insights to provide valuable input to the Sales team How to handle customer feedback or insights about their experience with the Sales process

How to jointly celebrate wins or learn from losses with the Sales team and fostering a sense of camaraderie

By the end of the learning session, you’ll have gained useful information on fostering a better relationship with the Sales team.

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11 hours ago

Kristi - I found this discussion extremely useful. The practical advice from everyone in the group kept me listening for the whole presentation, and never once did anyone mention metrics. What a relief. I understand the importance of metrics but they're the cart, not the horse. You talked about how to set things up for success between CSM, Sales, and the customer, and everything made sense. Without discussions like this one, the conversations about metrics have a little bit of a floating quality to them, like they're not grounded to anything. or like "Okay, I get it about the metrics, so now what"?

There was a lot of discussion in the webinar about the handoff from Sales to CS, an…

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