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I've done all the work, so you don't have to.

Don't build your Customer Success Program or team from scratch. Allow me to use my YEARS of experience to help you drive business impact immediately. 

Look at what I've built 


Don't build your resources from scratch! I've created dozens of templates to support your Customer Success program. Each template is tried and true - designed and leveraged by me and my teams to drive business impact and process orchestration. Everything from the Sales to CS handoff, to the renewal proposal and everything in between. And if there is something you need that's not available just shoot me a note.

Coming May 2024



Looking to break into Customer Success? Are your a CS Professional looking to up-level your skill set? Looking for a refresher to help improve your performance? 

Explore my Customer Success course featuring over 20 hours of content teaching you everything from the basic principals to best practices. This course is based on my 12+ years in Customer Success building, scaling and transforming teams and it won't disappoint.

Oprah's not the only one with a list


Are you looking for the right influencers to follow? Best events to attend? Books to read? Podcasts to listen to? 

If so, you're not alone. Dozens of CS Professionals reach out to me weekly looking for recommendations or resources so I've put together Kristi's Favorite Things, just like Oprah. Don't waste hours browsing the web, I've don'e all the heavy lifting. 

Kristi’s Favorite Things (7).png
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